Ventor's Gambles to fill out all of your extra resistances

  • Lastly, utilize two Ventor's Gambles to fill out all of your extra resistances, in buy poe currency addition to increased volume. Increased rarity on the Ventors doesn't really matter, it's fine if it's reduced, provided that the other stats are good. Number will certainly be your desired stat, however you still have to hit 75 percent of all resists. For Jewels, use the newest Abyss jewels with increased flat irreparable harm to both attacks and bow strikes. Make sure each and every jewel has a crucial strike multiplier on it, as that will be your biggest increase. Feel free to fill out them together with lifestyle and resists as needed.

    If you don't mind occasionally dying, and only need the maximum loot potential, then this is the build for you. Use Queen of the Forest because your body, as well as the items listed above. This can offer you a few resists, a bit of life, and together with our build, a whole lot of speed. With Queen you're want to run Grace as well. Between this and a Jade flask you'll be insanely fast.

    To your own gloves, take Sadima's Touch. The extra quantity is unmatched. You can argue that Goldwyrms are far better than Darkray Vectors to your boots. However, Darkrays include so much speed and damage that it's difficult to justify losing them.

    Aside from that, simply use the traditional Dying Sun, Diamond Flask, Quicksilver, and poe skill tree Health Flask. In this build prioritize damage on jewels, as life does not matter just as much. You can also wear anInspired Learning for extra rate sometimes.