The gameplay is not quite what you would

  • The gameplay is not quite what you would recall of classic MapleStory, so if you are MS2 Mesos an older player, be ready for a couple of free-to-play shenanigans. It's not like MapleStory has been known for monetization, and naturally, this isn't going to change for a mobile release. So yes, it is possible to anticipate an auto-questing system along with an auto-battle system (that's unlocked at level 20), and you better believe the in-app purchases range as large as a $89.99 each item. This really is a title in the end, so it's kind of expected.

    Based on how you see mobile MMOs, that auto-questing system may be positive or a negative. Questing is as straightforward as tapping the display so that your personality will continue along its grind. This may be perfect for all those who hate wasting time grinding , but it is also a inexpensive trick to keep people hooked on the positive gameplay when things move along so fast.

    The servers aren't up yet, but a post is on the official MapleStory M Facebook page that states they should be up by 7/24 10 pm EDT. So it looks like there is an additional hour to wait patiently till you can actually play. In the very least you can preload the customer in another hour to be certain you're ready.

    The funny thing to me is that despite what many would see as biggest Maplestory 2 Mesos negative additions to the traditional grindy gameplay, I am still eager to jump into MapleStory M. Maybe that is just my nostalgia speaking, or perhaps this is only one of the first MMORPGs on cellular that makes me feel like I am playing on PC. Sure, the current beta release of Old School Runescape could be a better nostalgia trip thanks to its subscription fee and non-reliance on IAPs, but something about the adorable 2D graphics of MapleStory keeps me coming back for more despite its obvious money-grubbing issues.