A blueprint from Rocket League Support FAQ

  • Rocket League currently enjoys cross-platform play, admitting players on altered platforms can't affair up Rocket League Items and chain into matches together.


    Cross-platform parties were appear as allotment of Rocket League's Summer Roadmap aback in May, and the affection was set to be appear in August. Later, Psyonix delayed the absolution to September, "pending first-party certification".


    As September comes to a abutting with no absolution date in sight, it's no abstruse that Sony is a capital acumen for the feature's delays.


    A blueprint from Rocket League Support's FAQ area illuminates Sony's abhorrence to connect: every belvedere can currently play with anniversary added except for Playstation, who can alone play adjoin PC players.


    Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham tweeted just afterwards Sony's blog post, advertence that while he's aflame for Playstation and Fortnite players, he doesn't absolutely apperceive what this agency for Sony acknowledging a agnate affection for Rocket League.


    He goes even added by advertence "In the meantime, we acclaim extensive out to https://www.lolga.com Sony for comment," throwing just a bit of adumbration at the dissenters abaft their delays.


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