You login inside the world for enjoying

  • If you listing are sold up over there then have a look and verify it through login to Rocket League Items the menu – listings – sold tab. These have been used for cross checking your things are working properly. In case when you find an option called sales bending then wait for 5 minutes for conforming about it.

    For selling your items over there you can make use of the exchange xbox or play stations. Then you can add that buyer as your friend and join in a party when both of you are in the online.



    In the game you can open up the trade interface which the buyer can able to place the items which you had sold off. It is well and good for you to take a screenshot and store them in your device.

    You login inside the world for enjoying and you can increase up your happiness into there you can make use of the rocket league trading option and this is an easy process that you can do when your both friends are in the online.

    When you have any quires to be get clarified up with then there you can immediately post them in the online and get clarify your doubts. It is because you can able to find out a customer support team where you can ask all your doubts and get clarified up with.


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