Weapon and skill balance is Anthem Boosting

  • Weapon and skill balance is Anthem Boosting a crapshoot, also. Discovering a problem like this creates a moment in which you confront a no-win choice: either attempt to complete the expedition with a seemingly futile skill, which may be a significant handicap, or abandon the quest and endure through yet another of Anthem's many agonizingly long load screens (that has been only marginally improved by the February 20 patch) to go back to Fort Tarsis or the multiplayer Launch Bay (which requires an extra matchmaking lineup wait) and alter gears.

    The inability to change loadouts on the fly is thoroughly felt here, also makes experimentation of a dangerous deterrent as opposed to a enjoyable procedure of trial and error. Likewise it is Anthem Items frustrating that you want to finish your trip to learn what loot you especially found, since when you pick this up from the open world it is just a glowing box where only the rarity is displayed.

    Later on, Masterwork and Legendary things liven things up considerably. The Wyvern Sting sniper rifle, for instance, has a hand-crafted bonus that increases weak stage harm. It is baffling that equipment such as this, which compels you to modify your playstyle to take advantage of a fascinating bonus and thus adds significant selection to a game that desperately needs it, is reserved only for those with the patience to suffer through a long grind.