Epic Games known this from the Fortnite Items

  • Epic Games known this from the Fortnite Items gate on iOS, and additional visual signs which illustrate the sources of noises. It is one of the characteristics that stuck out in a pleasant way when I played with the mobile version for the first time back in March. It is a perfect addition for your Switch, particularly when playing in portable mode.

    However, before the patch, I did miss the fine control I got on the PC version together with my mouse and keyboard. The Change is a challenging platform to play extreme shooters on, especially if you're using the Joy-Cons. Precise aiming is hard, and lots of times, I felt as though I was missing the mark since I could not line up shots nicely. Motion controls are a massive help in this area.

    The movement controls add a layer of fine-tuning to fortnite weapons aiming that was sorely missing on the Switch. I managed to use guns like the sniper rifle with ease once I allowed this feature and restricted it to the minutes I had been aiming down the sights. It makes playing the game and planning with precision so much easier, even in portable mode. I've run my battery down multiple occasions playing Fortnite this way over the previous few days.

    The Switch is not the ideal platform for much more serious play; you're going to miss the options of having your mouse and keyboard or that huge 4K display. But casual play Nintendo's system is made much better by both of these attributes, to the point at which it could now be my favorite method for Fortnite."Fortnite: Battle Royale" has made More than $1 Billion Already