They're a step up from the Division 2 Boosting

  • And nothing will examine a weapon's reliability NPCs. Certainly, these Section 2 enemies really are a threat whether you're with a friend or alone. From what research I have done, they're a step up from the Division 2 Boosting first game and not scared to control your position.

    Their boldness also puts the cover system through its paces. You shouldn't expect to camp your way. My observations, however stretch into the Hyenas faction. They're ravenous, which is a fantastic lore explanation for why they'd happily control a Division agent's position. If every other faction is as lethal, then D.C.'s likely to be one hell of a war zone.

    Enemy and friendly territory have been marked all around the map, and success almost literally hinges on the very first shot (from what I have noticed, anyway). I like that the world does not feel empty for long stretches; that it had been living with allies enemies, and wildlife such as deer and puppies.

    While a tactical strategy is encouraged by every firefight interactions are well-placed and well-paced. Having a common world shooter set in the modern day, the imagination in regards to The Division 2 Credits technology is exceptional. Abilities like the personnel-seeking mine and automated turret help even the odds when enemies become bullet sponges, which might be one of the few nit-picks I have. These days, every game wants bullet sponges, but it's not all bad, if it promotes coordination.