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    Step 5 -- meet the dealer in-game (NEVER GIVE YOUR FULL ACCOUNT INFO). The only thing which sellers should know is the username, so that they are going to know who to tra

    This story in The New York Times a week said that inflation has dropped the value of Venezuela's money to half that of the dollar, effectively reducing minimal wage earnings to $5 per month.

    "I am Venezuelan and I am deeply hurt by reading a few of the buy OSRS gold remarks in this thread. I've been a part of this community because old-school came out and haven't seen so much hate and racism," wrote Redditor glow_party (at a comment moved to the top of the thread by moderators).

    "Let me tell you something, these individuals are doing whatever they can to survive and they've not done something wrong," glow_party went on. "As a Venezuelan I can tell you that the hatred towards my folks is sad and something I never expected to come from this area."