SG flagroom or cheap wow classic gold

  • I was the first paladin to hit 60 in my vanilla wow classic gold host, mostly since I grinded in areas people did not mill so I wasn't fighting spawns or being ganked. Also being a warrior at 60 is dreadful, unless you are the primary tank you won't acquire gear until your primary tank is totally geared, even if theorethically your dps could be good, how the hell are you going to get there in the event that you don't get the gear?

    In WoW Classic if you do not have a healer you are among the most vulnerable classes, once you've got one that you glow like a bright star but minus equipment and without a healer you're a sad lump of coal. Obtaining a warrior to 60 is no big deal, gearing a lvl 60 warrior is your problem, you're not likely to get handouts for a long time either.

    As far as the WoW Classic ranks go, I think you are only considering dueling and open world WoW Classic although not taking the course roles in BGs into consideration that far. That way I dont believe rogues would score 10 because premades generally only use one of these to sit and shield in WSG flagroom or cheap wow classic gold anchor a foundation in AB while such as hunters are more versatile due to their high mobility, scouting potential, viper bites, bothersome pets etc. and you can bring multiples. Otherwise vid.