But druid is wow classic gold my favorite

  • Holy pally is tempting as it is op as all hell, but druid is wow classic gold my favorite at the conclusion of the day (despite being kind of a wreck in vanilla). Resto druids being able to farm some WoW Classic Gold without a farming alt would certainly help alot.Worth imagining is that speed of patrols, amount of lasher packs and aggro range of the huge trees upstairs vary on various private servers (wellness and damage of this lashers also seem different, but I am not 100% on that one).

    I am doing this on symmetrywow since it's not worth the danger aggroing the big men upstairs, and I only go in another entrance and jump down. In addition, the run to the entry is shorter.

    I guess we will not know for sure what will and won't work until  cheap wow classic gold is outside. Personally I'm about what reset camp is going to do a bit nerveous. That will mess with alot of farming approaches, including this 23, if it triggers hs instead of porting one. There's also alot of people moaning on various forums about how unjust these farming approaches are and they need to be nerfed (has been completed on some personal servers).

    It appears they base their arguments on the way the market has turned out on private servers using HUGE non blizzlike populations and Chinese WoW Classic Gold farming heading unchecked (and probably they not bothering to create any WoW Classic Gold), so lets hope they're discounted and us will have a stable income.