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History suggests Eagles not doomed after 2-2 start

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    April 16, 2019 12:08 AM PDT
     It’s only reasonable to be concerned about the outlook of the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles after the team’s disappointing loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 4.This Eagles team has some real issues. The secondary is struggling. The offensive line is failing to adequately protect Carson Wentz. And so on.But if history is any indication Youth Jay Ajayi Jerseys , it IS too early to panic. Let’s look back at the last 10 Eagles seasons to put the team’s current 2-2 record in context. Last 10 Eagles seasonsSeasonRecord after four gamesFinal recordPost-seasonSeasonRecord after four gamesFinal recordPost-seasonStarting 3-1 is obviously better than starting 2-2, but it hasn’t always been a great indicator of future success. The Eagles failed to make the playoffs in three out of their last four 3-1 starts. Two of those four seasons failed to produce winning records; the Eagles went 7-9 in 2016 and just 4-12 in 2012. Starting out 2-2, meanwhile, has hardly been a death knell for the Eagles. Here’s a look at how Philadelphia has fared in those situations dating back to the expansion of 16 game seasons in 1978. History of Eagles starting out 2-2SeasonRecord after four gamesFinal recordPost-seasonSeasonRecord after four gamesFinal recordPost-seasonThe Eagles averaged 9.8 wins in their last eight seasons starting out at 2-2. They failed to make the playoffs only once and they made it one game away from the Super Bowl in three of those years.That’s probably a lot more encouraging than you would’ve guessed, right?Of course, just because it’s mostly worked out for the Eagles in the past doesn’t mean it’s going to play out the same way this year. Football Outsiders’ model only gives the Eagles a 41.2% chance to make the playoffs this season. This old chart from FiveThirtyEight shows 2-2 teams generally have a 36% chance of making the post-season. That figure is significantly worse than the 63% of 3-1 teams who make it to January.But while there’s reason to be concerned about the 2018 Eagles, there’s also room for optimism. Wentz is healthy and is coming off one of the best games of his career. The Eagles still have six games at Lincoln Financial Field this year, which is significant since they have the best home record in the NFL from the beginning of the 2016 season (17-3).So, it’s like I said earlier. No need to totally freak out just yet. Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week Jay Ajayi Jerseys Stitched , we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Eagles fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.The No. 6 seed Philadelphia Eagles are the biggest underdogs heading into Wild Card weekends. The NFL odds indicate as much; the Chicago Bears are favored to beat the Eagles by 6.5 points on Sunday. SB Nation’s latest national FanPulse results also reveal NFL fans don’t believe in the reigning Super Bowl champions.The Eagles are quite fine with people doubting them. Underdogs, baby.Here’s a look at how NFL fans voted on the other Wild Card games. Notice the Eagles are the only road team not favored this week. The Cowboys are the second biggest underdogs ... and they only have a 65% confidence rating per Blogging The Boy’s polling.You won’t be surprised to hear that Philly fans are feeling much more confident in their team compared to the national audience. The Eagles’ confidence rating is back up to 83% despite once being as low as 11% after losing to the Saints in Week 11. Here’s how the Eagles’ final 2018 regular season fan confidence graph turned out. Lots of ups and downs!We got some real good responses to our GIF question, by the way. Starting with my personal favorite:Over in Chicago, meanwhile, Bears fans are feeling very confident ... as they have all season long. Windy City Gridiron’s confidence rating is at 97%. Only the Saints (100%) and Colts (98%) rank higher. It sure does seem like Bears fans are sleeping on the reigning Super Bowl champs. We’ll see how that turns out for them.On a different note, here’s a look at how FanPulse determined end of season awards. The coach the Eagles will face on Sunday was voted as Coach of the Year. Everyone on this list except for Anthony Lynn was actually on the Eagles’ coaching staff at some point.No love for Fletcher Cox when it came to Defensive Player of the Year.Pat Mahomes is the correct choice for NFL MVP.Baker Mayfield should’ve been voted Rookie of the Year. Saquon Barkley is great but Mayfield had a much bigger impact when it came to actually helping his team win....Once again, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.