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    August 11, 2019 6:38 PM PDT
    Marvin Lewis shouldn’t dismiss idea of a clock management specialist Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis was recently asked if he had considered hiring a clock management specialist like the Los Angeles Rams have. Lewis responded by stating that their head coach Sean McVay also calls their offense so Kevin Huber Jersey White , “maybe that is something he feels he needs help with.” That is an odd stone throw by a man with a glass office at Paul Brown Stadium. Lewis, like many NFL head coaches, has had his issues with clock management. Here is a bit of anecdotal evidence to support why the Bengals should have someone responsible for clock management,September 27th, 2015The Bengals led the Baltimore Ravens 28-24. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has just failed to connect with tight end Maxx Williams on 4th and 17, giving the ball back to the Bengals with 1:35 remaining in the 4th quarter. Lewis evidently thinks that the game is over as he sends quarterback Andy Dalton and the Bengal’s offense out to kneel on the ball. It is impossible to know what is going through Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh’s head, but what he does is brilliant. The Ravens have one time out remaining, but they don’t use it immediately. They let the Bengals take another knee on 2nd down before using their timeout. This obviously catches Lewis off guard, and he uses a timeout of his own to figure out what to do. There are now 53 seconds remaining. If the Bengals took a third knee they would likely only get the clock down to around 10 seconds before 4th down. They give the ball to Giovani Bernard who gains 7 yards and burns a few extra seconds off of the clock. Lewis lets the play clock tick down as far as possible then calls a timeout with 6 seconds remaining. The Bengals again run the ball with Bernard on 4th down and time runs out. Although the odds of the Ravens pulling off the win at this point were incredibly low, the Bengals gave them a slight chance.This situation could have been avoided. Knowing that the Ravens had a timeout, the Bengals should not have taken a knee on first down. It is simple math. The play clock is 40 seconds, so a team can use about 43 seconds per play if the quickly kneel after the snap (this can obviously be extended a little if the quarterback waits to be pressured before kneeling). Since the Ravens had a timeout the Bengals could only hope to take about a minute and a half off the block by kneeling. Taking a knee on the first two downs prevented them from gaining yards and taking additional time off the clock.The Bengals should have gone into this situation with the mindset of getting the first down. They took a knee when they couldn’t guarantee running out the clock. This was a dumb move, but they got lucky. It took 308 days.ESPN reporter Josina Anderson broke the story Monday morning, reporting that defensive coordinator Teryl Austin was out , 308 days after being hired. This comes after the Bengals allowed 130 points in the last three games, including an embarrassing 51 points against the New Orleans Saints where the defense didn’t stop New Orleans once. Cincinnati has allowed 500-plus yards in three straight games, the first team to reach that milestone during the Super Bowl era. They’re also on-pace to allow 7,272 yards — an NFL record (though the offenses they’re going to face soon are significantly worse than the Saints and Chiefs and even the Bucs).It took 308 days for the Bengals defense to go from mid-range in 2017 to basement dwellers in 2018. It was an epic regression, with a once-feared Mike Zimmer defense (never allowing one 500-yard effort) completely collapsing into... this. That’s despite having many of the same players Zimmer had during his final seasons in Cincinnati. It didn’t help that the 529.3 yards allowed per game during the last four contests were against four of the top five offenses in the NFL — the only offense currently in the top-five that Cincinnati hasn’t played is the Los Angeles Rams. It also didn’t help their starting linebackers and a nickel corner have been shelved with injuries. Starting linebacker Nick Vigil has been recovering from an MCL sprain since mid-October. Cornerback Darqueze Dennard suffered a sternoclavicular joint injury that nearly led to emergency surgery. Vontaze Burfict, who has played two-plus games (earning a $112,000 fine during that period), is recovering from a hip injury; that came after spending September suspended. Who stepped up? Well, no one.It thirdly didn’t help when Austin’s schemes failed to mask the vulnerabilities that these injuries created. There’s no creativity with the team’s pass rush, leaving quarterbacks comfortable in the pocket to pick apart Cincinnati’s coverage... coverages that featured a backup linebacker like Jordan Evans on wide receivers like the Saints’ Michael Thomas and Keith Kirkwood. Sean Payton’s schemes even created spacing for Mark Ingram, who posted 58 yards receiving — 55 of those yards with Evans in tow. That’s not to say Austin is a bad coach — you don’t coach in the NFL for nearly 20 years if you’re not capable of the job. As a play-caller, his defenses have left much to be desired, especially in Cincinnati. In the end, it never felt like a fit. Austin’s schemes didn’t fit the players’ skillsets Womens Vontaze Burfict Jersey , and no one capably adjusted to build something better.Focusing on turnovers, in today’s NFL, makes sense on paper. The Bengals defense has generated 13 turnovers through nine games this season, compared to eight (through nine games) in 2017, 12 in 2016, and 13 in 2015. In that regard, they’ve improved.However, when you’re allowing 454.6 yards/game (nearly 35 yards more than the second-worst defense in the NFL, Cleveland), you’re giving opposing offenses significant opportunities to score points. Against the Steelers, Chiefs, and Saints, the Bengals defense allowed scores on 20 of 27 drives, including 14 touchdowns.When Tampa Bay’s Ryan Fitzpatrick entered the game Jordan Willis Jersey , the Buccaneers took an 18-point deficit and tied the game with just more than one minute remaining. Even against the Atlanta Falcons, another game Cincinnati won, the defense allowed scores on seven of 10 possessions. If the Bengals wanted to salvage their 5-4 record, a change was needed. Their schemes under Austin were depreciating in production. Cincinnati needs to center its schemes around Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, and their core of impactful rookies. More importantly, they need schemes that hides their vulnerabilities with intermediate routes, parameter running lanes, and running backs in the passing game. Who knows if Marvin Lewis, reportedly taking over defensive play-calling, is capable of overcoming the talent discrepancy on the field. We do know that Austin wasn’t.