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As for the defense of Adtokunbo

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    November 11, 2017 9:27 PM PST

    As for the defense of Adtokunbo, he has a very good co-ordination block cap capacity Ryan Murray Jersey, in today's game chase cover James layup, co-defend the Rose offensive basket, has sent four blocks . If there is any need to improve defensive Adecco Kunp places, is his defensive experience, and he has a defensive today, one on the right side of the bottom line of James Scott Harrington Jersey, James was using the steps to deflect the center of gravity, and then Retiring jumpers score, indicating that the defense of Aitutoconb is not the top. James on the offensive approach is understandable, but his defense, especially outside defense is really a big problem. James now defensive perimeter players, like to keep in front of each other, do not give opponents a breakthrough, but do not reach out to interfere with the other shots. Today, the Milwaukee starting point guard Malcolm - Bragg Gordon on the left three-point line with the same location, James has twice hit two-thirds. Another stag Bucks Chris - Middleton also hit the third in the right third of James hit a third Alexander Wennberg Jersey. These are exposed James's current defensive problems Tyler Motte Jersey, his focus on defense is not particularly focused on the outside, the characteristics of some of the opponents of the study is not enough, often opponents hit a third or complete a breakthrough. Perhaps the new season began, James has not fully into the state.