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If Atakuo Kunbo training out in the future

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    November 11, 2017 9:27 PM PST

    If Atakuo Kunbo training out in the future stable CIC Jack Johnson Jersey, he will be more irresistible on the defensive end. Because Atakuthumbo now does not have a stable mid-range shooting ability Cameron Gaunce Jersey, he is now a defensive and defensive player who can easily keep him in a double-team situation. Several times today, Adecco Kunpo was forced to stop the ball, passively pass the Knight steals, mistakes. At the age of 22, Atakukumbo did not have any problems with his shooting posture and feel, and he spends a lot of time practicing shooting. As the right quadriceps tendon injury, Leonard has not been able to come back because of the delay, the lack of core team, the Spurs encountered difficulties, they won four straight after the start, once suffered a four-game losing streak, as the most recent 30 The third year in the beginning to get a four-game winning streak based on the foundation, then followed by at least 4-game losing streak team, the first two are the 2008-09 season eagles and 2010-11 season eagles Sonny Milano Jersey. As I said from the very beginning, the Bulls have to make a choice Markus Nutivaara Jersey, either to pick me or to pick Huyborg. Butler said, "And finally, they decided to choose Huai Boge. Wish them good luck. I've landed on my schedule February 9, 2018 this day, the Timberwolves away to the Bulls. Baby, I'm back. To Boyer, "the two must choose one" argument, Huoyiboge also made a response, he did not agree.