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In addition to the Rockets

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    November 11, 2017 9:27 PM PST

    In addition to the Rockets, Magic is also an important team for Tracy McGrady. Magic performed well this season, currently ranked third in the east. While Tracy McGrady was hired as a special adviser magic Tom Sestito Jersey, Tracy McGrady said: "I can magic players Justin Schultz Jersey, especially young players some advice.I entered the league until now has been 20 years, is already very rich in experience.I will It is important to advise them on how to maintain their professional life, how to stay passionate, and how to maintain a passion for the game. With his familiar moments in the NBA, Tracy McGrady walked into the studio with a trademark smile and waved good-bye to the long-awaited fans at the start of the interview when he and two moderators Prince and Xiaonan chatted Talk about his latest signature shoes Matt Hunwick Jersey, of course, Tencent Sports is carefully prepared for him some meaningful questions, and now as magic assistant CEO and ESPN basketball commentator Tracy McGrady also made a heartfelt response Casey DeSmith Jersey. At the end of the program, Tracy McGrady made an affectionate speech and left his hand model at Tencent Sports Hall of Fame, coaching with several loyal fans from Tencent Sports Community. In his only season at UCLA UCLA, Ball took 55.1 percent from the field and 41.2 percent from the 3-point line, making it a hit. However, Ball's poor performance in the first 11 games of the NBA, combined with today's game, Boer shooting from 29.% 3-point shooting and 23.4% shooting within the restricted area this is the league difference. In addition, the ball in the restricted area outside shooting only 25%, the second worst league.