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you don’t count the garbage time . Jersey

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    March 3, 2019 6:22 PM PST

    The Bears offense FINALLY showed up last Sunday Youth Eric Kush Jersey , but that doesn’t meant that the defense was silent. Not only did the Bears defense hold the #1 scoring offense to 10 measly point—3 if you don’t count the garbage time touchdown—but they snagged 4 more sacks to add to their NFL-leading total of 18 through 4 games. But that wasn’t all, the front-7 accounted for another forced fumble and 3 interceptions, as Akiem Hicks put serious pressure to force the throw that Eddie Jackson jumped. All-in-all, it was another banner performance from this phenomenal front!Let’s get to the fun, shall we?Week 4 at the BuccaneersSack 1 - First quarter 7:11 (2nd & 15) - Akiem HicksHicks beats right guard Caleb Benenoch almost immediately. Watch Hicks’ hands closely as he swipes Benenoch’s hands away before beating him with an outside rip move. This is just about as bad as you can beat another player one-on-one. Sack 2 - Second quarter 11:33 (3rd & 11) - Khalil MackI am starting to get a feel for what Khalil Mack does. He has several signature moves, and this is another one. He sets up the right tackle Demar Dotson by getting straight up-field, instead of trying to cut the edge early. The reason he does this is to get the tackle to “over-set” and turn his back towards the line of scrimmage. At this point, he has a huge head-of-steam built up and converts that speed-to-power, and obliterate his opponent. Watch the still shot where you can see where Mack has a chunk of jersey, and has Dotson under control from the snap of the ball. The finish with the swipe for his 4th-consecutive strip-sack is otherworldly. Sack 3 - Third quarter 7:49 (1st & 10) - Roy Robertson-Harris & Bilal NicholsInitially it looks like Eddie Goldman and Aaron Lynch are going to win on this play but just a few frames later and it’s completely flipped. Bilal Nichols stright bull rushes Benenoch back into Jameis Winston, while RRH slow plays left tackle Donovan Smith and gives a quick swim move to get inside leverage. If it wasn’t for RRH losing his balance, Winston might have not gotten up from the hit that was coming. But this was a great effort all around and both players deserve the credit for this sack. Sack 4 - Third quarter 0:16 (1st & 10) - Aaron LynchThis is a great effort from the front-4 here. Lynch, who ends up with the sack, never gives up and ends up with the reward, but he isn’t the only one with a great effort on this play. His outside rip move beats Dotson, but Winston steps up and he has to work back around. Leonard Floyd appears to get held 2 separate times on this play, and almost notches his first sack of the season. And outside , RRH is playing patty cake until he helps finish Winston off. Pressure of the WeekThird quarter 11:19 (1st & 10) - Khalil MackCould have gone with the aforementioned Hicks play, but this one directly lead to the interception. Mack almost got his second swipe strip-sack of the game, but this works just as well. He got just enough of the ball to have it float into Danny Trevathan’s hands for the interception. For some reason, pulling left guard Ali Marpet to block Mack seemed like a good idea to Dirk Koetter. Mack takes him on, swims to the outside and then set his sights on Winston’s right arm. Here’s how I have the individual* Rush Report after week 4.Khalil Mack - 4Team Sacks - 3Akiem Hicks - 2Roy Robertson-Harris - 1.5Aaron Lynch - 1.5Roquan Smith - 1Eddie Goldman - 1Danny Trevathan - 1Sherrick McManis - 1SINO - 1Bilal Nichols - 0.5Bryce Callahan - 0.5*These numbers do not reflect a players official statistics.In light of Arizona’s quarterback troubles, Bears in line for another monster defensive performance When Carson Palmer retired after the 2017 season, the Arizona Cardinals entered a state of bedlam at the quarterback position.Their starting quarterback was suddenly not on the roster anymore. All of their backups - Blaine Gabbert, Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley - signed with different teams. Needless to say, Arizona was in need of a facelift at the most important position in football.To replenish their talent at the roster, the Cardinals dished out big bucks to sign both Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon in free agency, and they traded up five spots in the 2018 NFL Draft to select UCLA signal-caller Josh Rosen. An aggressive approach to ensure that they had found their franchise quarterback, Arizona has opted to give their rookie two players with starting experience to learn behind.While this strategy could very well benefit Rosen and, as a result, the Cardinals as a team in the future, it hasn’t proven to be fruitful in terms of current results.Through two weeks, Arizona is 0-2 and has scored a combined six points in those contents. They have the fewest total offensive yards in the league by 96 yards, the fewest passing yards per game Adrian Amos Jersey , the second-fewest rushing yards per game, and the fewest points per game by 8.5 points. Bradford has averaged four yards per passing attempt, which is also the lowest average in the league among starting quarterbacks.So, yeah. Things haven’t been ideal in the Copper State.The Cardinals have only allowed three sacks to start the year, but make no mistake about it: this is an offensive line that the Bears should run right through. Their starting offensive tackles are D.J. Humphries and Andre Smith, but Smith is out with an elbow injury. John Weltzel will be starting in his place at right tackle, projecting a major mismatch against Khalil Mack and a club-less Leonard Floyd. Without starting center A.Q. Shipley, Arizona boasts rookie Mason Cole in the lineup. While a solid athlete with potential, Cole lacks the functional strength to be able to contain Eddie Goldman on paper. Guards Mike Iupati and Justin Pugh have played at a high level in the past, and the former has proven to be a great run blocker in recent years. Pugh has had a rough start to the 2018 season, though, and Iupati hasn’t been stellar.Larry Fitzgerald, who has been playing at a high level since his rookie year in 2004, hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down with age. His impact, though, has been slightly downplayed to start the year with a lack of offensive talent around him. If rookie Christian Kirk is able to play after injuring his back in a car crash on Thursday, then Fitzgerald will have another solid weapon in the passing game around him. If not Authentic Khalil Mack Jersey , though, then the Cardinals will have to rely on the likes of Chad Williams and J.J. Nelson - neither of whom having made a catch in the first two games of the year - to step up at wide receiver. Tight end Ricky Seals-Jones and running back Chase Edmonds have served as reliable weapons in the passing game, but neither has averaged greater than 5.1 yards per catch thus far.A major x-factor in Arizona’s offense is running back David Johnson. Despite being the bonafide top offensive player, Johnson has only 28 touches to start the year. His longest run to start the year is only 11 yards, and he has averaged 3.9 yards per carry. Although his performance in 2018 hasn’t been up to par with what many have expected of him, he is still a proven, Pro Bowl-caliber talent. Even though the Cardinals haven’t used him very well, he is still a threat to break out and have a big game.Luckily for the Bears, they have more than enough pieces to contain Johnson. Roquan Smith displayed incredible direction-changing abilities in coverage against the Seattle Seahawks, and Danny Trevathan has gotten off to a hot start to the season thus far. Though neither Adrian Amos nor Eddie Jackson have been fantastic to start the year, neither has been necessarily bad, either.All in all, though, the Cardinals won’t be able to consistently move the ball down the field if Bradford and the offensive line don’t show up. So far this year, they haven’t been able to do so. Their performances directly affect how the likes of Johnson and Fitzgerald do. Given their recent inefficiencies, the Bears could be in for their best defensive performance yet.