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  • pu tian PTH container house is a new type of building with a wide range of uses, which brings great convenience to migrant workers and temporary office workers. In order to provide a comfortable environment for users, container house manufacturers strictly control every link in the production process. In order to let everyone know more about this building, PTH house briefly introduces the production method and uses. Production Process of Container House 1. The container office adopts the internationally popular design concept and manufacturing technology of the container house, which can be used in a single container, or multiple containers can be used back and forth (2-3 floors can be built). Its good thermal insulation performance has created a good office and living environment for field workers. Its products are widely used in office and residential fields such as construction sites, factory buildings, construction sites, roof additional facilities, etc. 2. Prefabrication of roof, floor and circuit system workshop, convenient and fast site setting, shortening the time interval between building construction and use. 3. The steel structure enables the house to resist the wind speed of 120km/h, and the light-weight structure shows good integrity when encountering earthquake disasters with earthquake intensity above 8 degrees. 4. The house can be transported as a whole or packed in compression. 5. Since there are relatively few manufacturing steps on site, it can be directly used on site. 6. This kind of house can be recycled and used for a long time without generating construction waste. 7. The roof adopts structural waterproof design to enhance the airtightness and watertightness of the house. 8. When the house leaves the factory, decorative parts such as awnings can be added according to the actual application. For more product details, please click on our website to contact more:
    November 27