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    pu tian Make arrangements in the construction process to control
    costs They are also steel structure warehouses . Some places are
    extremely expensive when they are being built, but others are relatively flat.
    There are many colors involved. How can we b...  more
    • Mon at 1:36 AM
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    pu tian Container application field is continuously expanding in
    Everyone must be familiar with container houses. But do you know
    the development process and origin of expandable container houses in China? Today, I ...  more
    • June 28
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    pu tian What are the benefits of steel structure?
    1. Steel structure building is light in weight, high in strength
    and large in span.
    2. Low steel structure construction period is short, reduce the ...  more
    • June 23
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    pu tian Highlight internationality, science and technology and
    In recent years, residential exposition, assembly building
    exposition, innovative building exhibition and smart home exhibition have ...  more
    • June 18
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    pu tian What are the advantages of container houses?
    Expandable container house is a relatively novel
    building system, which can be spliced and hoisted directly during
    transportation. It is very convenient. It has become popular in some areas, ...  more
    • June 14
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    pu tian The birth of container houses will change people's way of
    Expandable container houses is a relatively novel
    building system, which can be spliced and hoisted directly during ...  more
    • June 12
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    pu tian The installation speed of steel structure warehouse is fast and
    equally reliable
    Steel structure is a structural composed of steel materials,
    which is one of the main building structure types. Steel structure warehouses installation quickly , ...  more
    • June 3
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    pu tian Light steel villas are still continuously improving and
    Light steel villa house , as a rising building
    material, naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. Light steel villas are ...  more
    • May 30
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    pu tian Prefabricated steel structure perfectly replaces traditional
    wood and brick structures
    Prefabricated steel structures are a common alternative to
    typical wood and brick structures. Often, these prefabricated steel structures ...  more
    • May 27
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    pu tian What do you want to know about container houses?
    There have been many cases of container reconstruction buildings
    and container design houses. The style, practicability, convenience, durability
    and environmental protection of expandable container ...  more
    • May 20
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    pu tian The Important Stages of Shipping Container
    While no stage of shipping expandable container houses construction should
    be taken lightly, certain stages are definitely more important than ...  more
    • May 15
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    pu tian Activating the Vitality and New Functions of Storage
    Prefab Warehouses is a new type of storage
    facility. Its innovative structure and lightweight material design have changed ...  more
    • May 8
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    pu tian Is the cost of a prefabricated building high?
    House price is a big consideration when many people choose,
    especially for a less familiar prefabricated house. Presumably, prefab housing
    prices are like this. Whether they are cheaper than ...  more
    • May 5
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    pu tian Light steel frame has won the favor of many people
    How is light steel villa house ? What are the advantages
    of light steel frame? This is one of the issues that customers are most
    concerned about, so I'm here to answer them today. ...  more
    • April 28
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    pu tian The maintenance of prefabricated steel structure houses can
    prolong the service life
    After the prefab steel house is installed, it is not
    allowed for the owner to change its structure. It is not possible to remove any ...  more
    • April 22