• pu tian
    pu tian The Important Stages of Shipping Container
    While no stage of shipping expandable container houses construction should
    be taken lightly, certain stages are definitely more important than ...  more
    • May 15
  • pu tian
    pu tian Activating the Vitality and New Functions of Storage
    Prefab Warehouses is a new type of storage
    facility. Its innovative structure and lightweight material design have changed ...  more
    • May 8
  • pu tian
    pu tian Is the cost of a prefabricated building high?
    House price is a big consideration when many people choose,
    especially for a less familiar prefabricated house. Presumably, prefab housing
    prices are like this. Whether they are cheaper than ...  more
    • May 5
  • pu tian
    pu tian Light steel frame has won the favor of many people
    How is light steel villa house ? What are the advantages
    of light steel frame? This is one of the issues that customers are most
    concerned about, so I'm here to answer them today. ...  more
    • April 28
  • pu tian
    pu tian The maintenance of prefabricated steel structure houses can
    prolong the service life
    After the prefab steel house is installed, it is not
    allowed for the owner to change its structure. It is not possible to remove any ...  more
    • April 22
  • pu tian
    pu tian The fireproof and waterproof performance of the integrated house
    is more perfect
    There are many advantages of prefabricated homes
    china , among which the fire prevention feature is ...  more
    • April 17
  • pu tian
    pu tian Container ripple will affect the acoustic properties of the
    The famous Globe Theater, best known as William Shakespeare's
    favorite haunt, got a contemporary update with a new, mobile version made of ...  more
    • April 10
  • pu tian
    pu tian Advantages and Disadvantages of Light Steel Villa
    Light steel villa house ,
    as a rising building material, naturally has its advantages and disadvantages.
    Light steel villas are still improving and progressing in this ...  more
    • April 8
  • pu tian
    pu tian More and more containers are used in housing
    Containers , being one of the indispensable
    needs for work sites, are preferred based on all such reasons that they are ...  more
    • March 27
  • pu tian
    pu tian Prefabricated steel warehouse building
    Prefabricated steel structure warehouse building mainly refers
    to that the main load-bearing components are made of steel. Including steel
    columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss...  more
    • March 26
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